Santalum acuminatum is a highly ornamental small tree or shrub native to Western Australia, that is commonly known as Quandong. It naturally occurs throughout the state as far north as Karratha and to Albany and Esperance in the south. Produces grey-green foliage and produces cream flowers with a red/brown centre. During the Summer months followed by red fruits. The flesh from the fruits can be used to make jam, jellies and fruit pies. It is one of the few Australian native plants that has food value. The fruit is also very high in Vitamin C and is rich in valuable proteins and oil. This hardy plant makes a good shade and shelter tree and is ideal for re-vegetation projects. It is able to tolerate a range of different soil conditions and climates. Prefers full sun position and can tolerate drought, moderate frosts and lime. Attracts native birds and butterflies and is a food source to butterfly larvae.