Quality Assurance

Our trees are grown to the national AS2303 guidelines. It is important to remember this is a guide only and as stated in AS2303:2018, that “Tree stock are not manufactured articles that can be produced to an exact specification. Variability between tree stock is expected, as trees are living organisms and individual differences are to be expected.”

We know a quality tree starts from the rootball up. Below the ground provides the best foundation for a structurally sound tree. Our staff are trained in the latest and best production methods. They have access to equipment, technology and materials to assist them with our quality assurance production standards. If we source trees from other suppliers we will endeavour to source them to this standard too.

There are many varying factors to help maintain the health of a tree once it leaves our nursery such as irrigation, soil quality, drainage and more. If you need advice in help create the best environment possible for successful establishment of a newly planted tree, we are just a phone call away. We have held training / information sessions to guide our customers, so if this would be of interest please let us know.

Freshford Nurseries is a certified importer with PIRSA which means we are legally allowed to import commercial plants into South Australia. We are subject to regular audits as a part of this certification. Biosecurity is important and we are committed to helping reducing the risk of pests and disease in our state and supporting our local primary industries.

We are also members of the national Treenet Symposium and we have worked with SA Power networks in species selection. We believe education and working together is the way going forward in our industry.