This Australian native produces stunning semi-weeping emerald green foliage. Throughout spring and autumn, Callistemon Harkness forms masses of large pendulous, bright red bottlebrush flowers. Callistemon Harkness is an eye-catching, ornamental shrub that will bring colour to any garden situation. This evergreen, bird attracting shrub will make an excellent addition to any garden or landscape. Suggested uses include screening, as a hedge, low maintenance and small native gardens. Callistemon Harkness will thrive in a sunny to slightly shaded position. Callistemon are hardy, adaptable shrubs that will tolerate the poorest soils and withstand water-logging for extended periods. They are also strong against moderate coastal exposure and short periods of dryness. Callistemon Harkness is waterwise and has a low water requirement once established. Prune after flowering to promote strong new growth. Callistemon Harkness can grow to a height of 4 metres with a width of 3 metres.