Corymbia (Eucalyptus) citriodora scentious

lemon-scented gum

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The scent of these gums is instantly recognisable even well beyond their natural range of Northern NSW into Queensland. They are a tree that is grown Australia-wide for good reason.

The highly celebrated and majestic driveway planting at Dame Elizabeth Murdoch’s Cruden Farm is a testament to their place as a classic Australian tree.

Extremely useful in the landscape, it is an ideal Australian native specimen tree for domestic landscapes, and also an excellent performer in avenue or driveway plantings.

‘Scentuous’ is grafted to ensure compact mature height and form, so it is well-suited for street plantings or parklands where uniform growth and habit is required.

For sites where a seed-grown Citriodora is desired but cannot be utilised because of space or height restrictions, ‘Scentuous’ allows an architect or designer the features of a lemon-scented gum, without the size issues.

A hardy small tree, ‘Scentuous’ will tolerate most soil types and conditions, but will perform best in full sun with well-drained soil.

‘Scentuous’ features smooth, white bark, complemented by fine, softly weeping, graceful foliage and a strong, characteristic lemon scent. Flowers are white to cream and clusters are produced in spring/summer. It is highly bird-attracting, making it a great addition to a native garden.